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ANnual health screening

Hilltop Community Worship Center

What we provide


Physicians and health professionals from the Columbus community provide immediate medical attention for all patients. Our screenings include the following specialities:

  • Family and Internal Medicine Physicians
  • Pediatrics
  • Nurses
  • Mental Health Counselors
  • Ohio State Dentistry and Optometry students

Non-Profit Connections

Many Columbus residents do not know about the large variety of public health organizations around them. These organizations work with many different issues and are always eager to serve those in need. We help connect communities with non-profits that will provide vital resources throughout the year.


An important key to decreasing health care barriers in our community is through improving health literacy. Many of our visiting non-profits spread their message through awareness and education. Our screening will provide education on a wide range of issues important to our community. We hope to give patients the knowledge to make independent choices involving their own health care.


We provide food, education packets, and health kits to provide holistic and comprehensive care for our community. These resources include:

  • Healthcare kits (toothbrush/toothpaste, floss, condoms, tampons, etc)
  • Healthy snacks and meal (through the Hilltop Community Worship Center)
  • Health Education brochures (over topics such as mental health or the opioid epidemic)

Weeks of service

February 8th 1:30PM - 4PM

Drug Prevention and Mental Health Services

The Franklin County Public Health Department and Safe Point will be coming to connect residents with naloxone training and drug prevention and disposal programs. Additionally, we will host the Franklin County Suicide Prevention Coalition to help connect families with mental health education and suicide prevention resources. Finally, Ohio State Respiratory Therapy students will provide education based assistance on a wide variety of diseases and conditions related to the lungs and resources for those suffering with nicotine addiction.

February 15th 1:30PM - 4PM

Infant Mortality, Food Insecurity, and Women’s Health Services

We will host Moms2B and Planned Parenthood to help connect residents with safe sex resources and prenatal education. Additionally, James Cancer Hospital will provide information for how women can attain mammograms and pap smears. Finally, Columbus Public Health will provide a general screening (blood pressure, heart rate, and more) and resources educating on maintaining a healthy daily life style

February 22nd 11:30PM - 4PM

Medical Screening

Our comprehensive medical screening this day will have many health professionals: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and Nurse Practitioners to provide immediate assistance and check-ups on all patients. Additionally, we will have multiple counselors available for residents to speak with to discuss mental health-related issues. We will also provide free health care kits with many basic necessities (toiletries, tampons, condoms, etc).

February 29nd 1:30PM - 4PM

Insurance Information and Feedback

On our last screening day, we will host the Legal Aid Society of Columbus to answer issues/questions related to health care paperwork (such as Medicare/Medicaid). Additionally, ENCompass will help link residents with local public health resources that meet their needs. Ohio State Dental Students and KidSMILES will be coming to provide general screenings, health care items, and education for childhood hygeine. Finally, we will also host Prevent Blindness to help provide immediate assistance, screenings, and referrals.

Attending Organizations


Founded at Ohio State University, ENCompass seeks to bridge the gap between medical and social care. At a variety of hospitals, primary care centers and food pantries, ENCompass connects clients with close-by public health resources that meet their needs.

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Franklin County Suicide Prevention Clinic

Franklin County Suicide Prevention Clinic (FCSPC) is a coalition dedicated to increase suicide prevention efforsts in our community. With their trainings, speakers, and resources, FCSPC works to increase awareness and decrease stigma. FCSPC also connects those suffering with immediate resources, such as screenings or crisis lines.

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KidSMILES clinic is an organization dedicated to improving childhood dental care in Columbus. At their facility, the provide dental services at a discounted an affordable price. Additionally, clinic members are actively involved in community outreach and events to educate children on proper dental hygiene.

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Legal Aid Society of Columbus

The Legal Aid Society of Columbus (LASC) is an organization that provides legal aid to impoverished and disadvantaged people. LASC advocates, educates, and empowers residents on a number of complicated issues such as rent, health care, wage theft, and more.

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Created in 2010, Moms2B has been fighting high infant mortality rates in Columbus. Every week, Moms2B provides women with education on many topics, a supportive environment, on-site child care, and a healthy meal.

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Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is a nationwide leader in sexual education and health services. Their clinics provide essential resources such as STD testing and treatment, emergency contraception, and pregnancy services. Planned Parenthood also fights to end misinformation and stigma around sexual and reproductive health through their wide variety of patient education and health resources.

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Prevent Blindness

Prevent Blindness is dedicated to spreading the gift of sight to children from low economic backgrounds through education, awareness, and advocacy. Across the country, Prevent Blindness helps link children with free eye exams and discounted glasses.

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Safe Point

Safe Points in an innovative program run under Equitas Health addresses community drug use. Participants can receive many resources, such as STD/HIV/Hepatitis C testing, housing and legal assistance, naloxone training, and more. They are known for their syringe exchange program to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

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Want to be a part of our screening? Contact VP of Operations, Ethan Hosford