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ANnual health screening

Hilltop Community Worship Center

Weeks of service

February 8th 12PM - 4PM

Under Construction

February 15th 12PM - 4PM
February 22nd 11AM - 5PM
February 19th 12PM - 4PM

What we provide


Physicians from the Columbus community provide immediate medical attention for all patients. Our screenings include the following specialities:

  • Family Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Internal Medicine
  • Nurses

Non-Profit Connections

We help connect communities with non-profits that will provide them with vital resources long after the screening is over.


Through our visiting non-profits, health workshops, and resource packets, patients will be educated on medical issues important to them. We hope that with this knowledge, patients will be able to make independent choices involving their own health care.


We provide food, education packets, and health kits to provide holistic and comprehensive care for our community. These resources include:

  • Healthcare kits (toothbrush/toothpaste, floss, condoms, tampons, etc)
  • Healthy snacks
  • Health Education brochures (over topics such as mental health or the opioid epidemic)

Attending Organizations

Planned Parenthood

Franklin County Public Health

Safe Point



Franklin County Suicide Prevention Coalition


Want to be a part of our screening? Contact VP of Operations, Ethan Hosford