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State of Mental Health

Mental health is a topic that, while increasing in awareness, stills carries a harsh stigma of shame. There are many facets to mental health, but two cases, depression and anxiety, have seen a recent increase in the last few years. Major depressive disorder can...

Breaking Down Stigma on Opioid Addiction

There have been massive increases in the prevalence of opioid abuse and overdose. Everyday, it is calculated that an average 115 Americans lose their lives to opioid overdose[14,20]. The current administration has addressed the opioid epidemic, but their approach has...

Symptoms of a Flu Epidemic

On paper, the flu season is a yearly nightmare. Every year, it comes at the exact same time, infecting and hospitalizing millions and inflicting casualties along the way. It is so serious the CDC defines it as a series of “epidemics”[11]. But with vaccines and new...

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