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University events

UHA Columbus holds a number of year-round events in our Ohio State campus! Our numerous projects involves students on topics such as mental health, healthy eating and living, sex education, and other resources to spread awareness on different topics. Here are some of our past events:

Be Positive

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, our latest university event called “Be Positive” was all about spreading love and positivity. Our members took to the South Oval this past Thursday to write encouraging notes all over the sidewalks. UHA Columbus wants everyone on our campus to know they are always appreciated and supported, but especially during this stressful midterm season. We hope we brought smiles to the Buckeye community!

Stress Less

Our dedicated UHA members took to the oval this past week to spread awareness about the seriousness of stress and the negative impacts it can have on our bodies. Participants left our event happy as can be with their very own stress ball and a breadth of new knowledge on healthy ways to relieve stress! We love helping the community of OSU students feel confident and positive about taking control of their health!

It's Cute to Eat Healthy

UHAC kicked off our university events this year with “It’s Cute to Eat Healthy!” On a great fall day, our members worked to educate the Ohio State community on ways to maintain a well-balanced diet. UHAC passed out pamphlets containing nutritious meal and snack options that can be found both in campus dining halls and in local grocery stores. Lucky participants also received free clementines as a mid-day energizer! Overall, “It’s Cute to Eat Healthy” was a huge success, and we can’t wait for all of our exciting university-based events next semester!

Interested in Collaborating with us?

Talk to us!

Our University Events Committee would love to work with you to create an unforgettable event. Contact our Chief of University Events, Samantha Beermann!