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Our Mission

UHA Columbus is an innovative and progressive organization dedicated to improving universal health through preventive medicine, health education, and leadership development.

Health Education

Health literacy is a vital part of medical care. UHA Columbus has many projects in the community to help strengthen community literacy. We have events focused on such topics as mental health, sex education, health eating, and various complex public health issues. We hope that through these programs, our community will learn more about important health issues and be able to make independent and informed decisions about their own care. 

  • The Doctor’s Note
  • Hidden in Plain Sight
  • OSU University Events




Preventive Medicine

Health care goes beyond the doctor’s office. UHA Columbus goes into the community to learn about what environmental factors are affecting community health. Members have the opportunity to work with many non-profits that target specific issues, such as food insecurity, infant mortality, women’s health, poverty and homelessness, and health disparities in various ethnic communities.

UHA Columbus members organize an annual health screening that provides holistic care to the community. Residents can receive immediate care from established physicians, long-term care and health education from local organization and non-profits, and eye-exams and hygeine resources from local optometrists and Ohio State dental students

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Annual UHAC Health Screening
  • Volunteering Opportunities
    • Hilltop Community Worship Center
    • Moms2B
    • Safe Point

Leadership Development

In UHA Columbus, members will have the opportunity to initiate and lead projects of their own to directly impact Columbus public health. Members will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with established professionals and organizations. 

Additionally, we believe in increasing our cultural competency to better serve Columbus. UHA Columbus members volunteer with different communities to understand the struggles and perspectives of our diverse city. We also host many speakers to learn more about the public health issues affecting certain populations in Columbus.

  • Host Professional Speakers, including:
    • CRIS
    • Columbus Public Health
    • Narcan Training
  • Community Networking with:
    • State Representatives of Ohio
    • ¬†Established organizations
      • Nationwide Children’s Hospitals
      • Orthopedic One
      • Equitas Health