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Meet Our Team

The Executive Board

Ishan Rola

President & Director
Executive Board


Ethan Hosford

Vice President of Operations,
Executive Board


Rebecca Berning

Vice President of Finance,
Executive Board

Kaley McLaughlin

Vice President of Internal Affairs & Development,
Executive Board


Gabe Shimmin

Vice President of External Affairs,
Executive Board


Hailey Wilson

Executive Assistant,
Executive Board


Leadership Team

Gabby Lapurga

Chief of Finance

Taylor Clewell

Chief of Community Outreach

John Pickstone

Chief of Marketing

Justin Dubin

Chief of Logistics

Naushair Hussain

Chief of Medical Logistics

Brooke Wenk

Chief of Membership Engagement & Professional Development

Allison Dang

Chief of Publication

Samantha Beermann

Chief of University EventsĀ 

Rachel Steger

Chief of Recruitment

Interested In Joining UHA Columbus?

UHA Columbus is constantly improving and expanding. We are always open to having new members that aim to help our organization, contact columbus@universalhealthaid.org or come to one of our information sessions as shown! Our autumn application closes September 22nd, 2017!