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UHAC Members interact with many diverse Columbus communities and families and are exposed to the multi-faceted public health issues around them! We serve these amazing organizations:

Hilltop Community Worship center

Hilltop Community Worship Center (Community Kitchen) hosts a free hot meal open to the community twice a week. In addition to being the site of our screening, UHAC members volunteer at the Community Kitchen to help with its operation.  In this way, students engage with the population and assist an  organization that works to address some of the macro-level influences on health outcomes in vulnerable communities.

Little Bottoms Free Store

Little Bottoms Free Store works to combat infant mortality by providing access to necessities like diapers, baby clothes, and community support. UHA Columbus students will volunteer to assist with the  store’s operation and work with families. This includes filling roles such as organizing clothes and other donations that come into the store. Through engagement with Little Bottoms, UHAC members have the opportunity to partner with an organization working to address the upstream factors affecting infant mortality rates and support an organization designed to foster community for new parents.


Moms2B is an organization in Columbus that is working to combat disparate rates of infant mortality. One of the ways in which they achieve this mission is through outreach and education programs for expectant mothers. To help support these efforts, UHA Columbus members volunteer as childcare workers so moms can attend important sessions

Safe Points

The Safe Point Program at Equitas Health promotes public health in the Columbus area through efforts focused on harm reduction in an area heavily affected by the opioid crisis. One branch of the harm reduction model is Community Clean Up, which gathers volunteers to help clear the streets of needles and other drug paraphanalia in an effort to reduce the spread of HIV and other infectious diseases. As participants in Community Clean Ups, UHAC students help contribute to this effort and promote public health in the Columbus community.

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